The Triton Survival Knife

A simple knife – That you can trust with your life!

We named it the Triton survival knife because we are Vikings, and we live by the sea so naturally it needed to have a high tolerance for salt, water and all temperatures.

This tool will be your trusty companion anywhere on this blue planet. In a world filled with over complicated gear we felt that it was hard to find a simple knife in a good sheath, made from the right steel. So we had one made, and we hope you will agree with us that we did ok.

The Knife over all

The Knife is a full tang, flat grind (almost Scandinavian) fixed blade knife with a total length of 23 cm, with a blade length of 12 cm. The thickness is 3.5mm.

The dimensions where selected to ensure that the knife would be long enough to be utilized in almost all thinkable roles but still be compact enough to carry anywhere in or on your our gear. And still be strong enough to take a massive beating.

The width and angle of the blade was selected to ensure that the knife would be effective in food preparation yet not too wide to be used in bush craft and wood working roles.

The blade also has a 90 degree spine for effective use on a fire steel. The lanyard hole at the bottom of the grip is designed to also serve as a glass breaker.

The grip is made from the durable and combat proven, G10 material. G10 is a high-pressure fiberglass, laminate, composite material. G10 is a chemical resistant, shock absorbing material that performs well in any environment. The pattern in the grip was designed to ensure that the knife would stay in your cold wet hand even in the mud and snow.

The steel

The steel used for the blade is stainless and acid resistant (EN 11 4028). This steel was selected for the following reasons:

A good Edge Retention.

Corrosion Resistance: It has great corrosion resistance, which is excellent for humid places. And a high tolerance for salt water exposure.

Sharpness: The steel is easy to sharpen, and we all know how great that is. Yet hard enough too keep the edge.

Hardness: The EN 11 4028 is a hard steel, yet not hard enough to break.

Toughness: The presence of the Nickel, Manganese and Silicon materials enhance the toughness of the steel, making EN 11 4028 what we believe to be the right choice for this exact tool. At the end the blade is coated with a titanium like surface that keeps sparks from a fire steel from causing damage to the blade and makes the knife very easy to keep clean.

The sheath

The sheath is made from Kydex.
Kydex is a thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride material It is a strong, combat proven material.
Kydex offers the user a strong and hard sheath that doesn’t have the weight of other materials.
The sheat was designed to be low profile for ease of carry, in any set up. The belt clip can be moved to either side, or rotated to a 90 degree angle. If you wish to mount the knife on any Molle platform the rivet holes are spaced so that you can simply “sew” it on to the Molle using 550 cord.


NOTE: It has been brought to our attention that a similar looking knife can be obtained from Chinese online stores. We have been in contact with our supplier that has assured us that these are neither made from the same materials nor too the same standards. The cheaper knife also does not come with a Kydex sheath